About Us

Who are America's National Parks and Eastern National? is the official online store of America’s national parks, and is operated by Eastern National. Founded in 1947, EN provides critical funding and support for educational and interpretive programs in America’s national parks and other public trusts. Since its inception, EN has donated over $135 million to its partners to enhance visitor experiences.

Eastern National was founded in 1947 by a group of park rangers. Their idea was to form a cooperating association that would serve a network of parks, and operate on a “sharing” principle. This meant that smaller parks, with lesser budgets and visitation, would be able to reap the benefits of a cooperating association, as many of the larger parks do. Since then, EN has grown to become the largest cooperating association in the United States, servicing over 155 parks, and operating more than 275 educational bookstores and museum shops in parks and other public trusts, ranging from Maine to South Dakota.

How do we help?

·         By operating educational book and museum stores in more than 155 national park sites, and distributing our profits to benefit the visitors to America’s national parks and other public trusts

·         By promoting visitation to and interest in America’s national parks, through the Passport To Your National Parks® program, and a variety of marketing initiatives

·         By developing and selling unique educational items that have interpretive and educational value

·         By producing up to 100 educational and interpretive publications per year, which provide visitors with additional insights into the cultural, natural, and scientific features of America’s national parks

·         By developing and maintaining relationships and partnerships with organizations such as the National Park Foundation, the National Park Trust, and numerous Friends’ groups and cooperating associations, with outcomes that support the mission of the National Park Service

How do EN donations support the parks?

Over the years, EN donations have been used to fund:

·         The purchase of land, artifacts, and media for park libraries

·         Period costumes for living-history demonstrations and reenactments

·         Signage and exhibits, facility renovations and upgrades

·         Interpretive tools, educational programs, and staff training

·         Archeological, historical, and cultural research programs

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