Femin-its Sticky Notes



Femin-its Sticky Notes

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Rosie the Riveter was an icon of World War 2 and continues to be an icon of female empowerment and feminism. Join Rosie the Riveter in these terrific Femin-Its Sticky Notes. The Femin-Its come with more than 100 sticky notes and include a sticky note pad featuring Rosie the Riveter, a notepad with the female symbol, and multiple color sticky note pads that work as excellent pad tabs. All of these are included in a book that measures 3.25x 4.25 and is very easily to carry around. These sticky notes feature World War II icon Rosie the Riveter, over 100 of three different styles of stickers: Rosie the Riveter to-do list, female symbol, and colorful tabs. These notes are made on recycled paper.


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