Green Claw Beaker



Green Claw Beaker

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An adaptation of more traditional conical beakers, our Claw Beaker has four claw shaped handle embellishments attached to the outer surface. The claw embellishments are made by applying hot gobs of molten glass to the outer surface and then blowing them into shape through the beaker wall, drawing them out with pincher tool and reattached to the surface. The ridges on the beaker wall are made using single spiraling lengths of molten glass to further display the versatility found in the glassblowing craft.

Great for use around your home or office as a festive decoration, vase, or cup, it holds historical accuracy of early Colonial glass as green is the natural color of glass and believed to be the only color made at Jamestown during the Colonial era. Individually hand blown, all orders possess the distinctive mark on the bottom, called a pontil, as well as a unique number and production year.  

Product Details

  • Approximately 9 tall
  • All Jamestown Glasshouse produced pieces are hand blown and crafted by local artisans
  • Do not put this item in a dishwasher or oven. It is temperature sensitive
  • Profits support the National Parks Service
  • Made in the USA


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