Private Yankee Doodle



Private Yankee Doodle

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Joseph Plum Martin - Private Yankee Doodle - recreates the daily life of the Revolutionary soldier as no one else has ever done! He withholds nothing of the hard times: the fright, pain, and death of battle... the grinding agony of marches without rest or sleep... the days of belly-twisting hunger. But he balances these dangers and sufferings with accounts of diversion - hunting, fishing, boxing - of pranks and frolics, and of encounters with an occasional sassy miss. This new edition has been widely hailed as a rediscovered gem of American history. This is a great opportunity to live the life of a Revolutionary War soldier.

Product Details

  • Softcover; 306 pages
  • Dimensions: 4.5''W x 6.5''H
  • Published by Eastern National
  • Printed in the USA.


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