Frosty the Snowman Glass Figurine - Tricorn Hat

Frosty the Snowman Glass Figurine - Tricorn Hat

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Snowmen—they're a winter tradition in their own right. Drive through any neighborhood and you're likely to see one of these snowy sentinels standing guard in someone's front yard. And who doesn't know the famous song about Frosty, who was magically brought to life by an ''old silk hat''?

Unlike the famed Frosty, this glass snowman won't come to life, but he may add some life to your winter decorations. Instead of an old silk hat, he's decked out with a black tricorn hat, just like the ones worn in Colonial times, making him truly unique. Individually hand-blown by the glass artisans at Jamestown Glasshouse, this figurine is crafted with a snowy swirl pattern that only enhances its wintry feel.

Triple the snowman tradition by combining it with our regular Frosty the Snowman glass figurine (91189) and our Park Ranger snowman (91236)!

Product Details
  • Dimensions: approximately 7'' H, 3⅞'' W at base
  • Made in the USA


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