Decision on the Hudson

Decision on the Hudson

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The Battles of Saratoga

This reprint of the handbook for Saratoga National Historic Park was originally published in 1975 and written by park historian John Luzader. This is the second time that Eastern National is printing the title. The book covers the history of the Saratoga Campaign of 1777. This edition has been updated and edited since the 1975 version, using all new illustrations and images. The campaign is primarily presented from the British point of view, but in this edition more light is shed on the American side of the story and individuals whose accounts have previously not been told are now properly introduced. Also included is information about Saratoga National historic Park and other related park sites.

Product Details

  • Author: John Luzader
  • Paperback; 92 pages
  • ISBN: 1-888213-59-0
  • Published by Eastern National
  • Printed in the USA


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