The Southeastern Indians

The Southeastern Indians

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The Indians of the Southeastern United States enjoyed the richest and most advanced level of culture of any native people north of Mexico. Hardly any of their achievements are remembered today, however, and more than any of the aboriginal Americans, the Southeastern Indians have been ingnored by both the historian and the general public.

The Southeastern Indians brilliantly recaptures the culture, society, prehistory, and history of these native American people. Drawing upon oral traditions, historical documents, and accounts by observers and scholars made over a four-hundred-year period, Charles Hudson boldly and vividly brings to life the world of these Indians by presenting their culture in all its aspects. Here is social and cultural history at its best--a masterful book with unprecedented authenticity and fullness.

Written by Charles Hudson, paperback, 573 pages, ISBN: 978-0-87049-548-8.


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