Jelly Roll Morton: Anamule Dance CD

Jelly Roll Morton: Anamule Dance CD

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Jelly Roll Morton was born October 20, 1890 in or near New Orleans. He was a Creole, born Ferdinand Joseph Lamothe. As a youngster he learned to play piano and absorbed, and remembered an enormous part of the multi-faceted musical culture of New Orleans, including its advanced jazz rhythmic style. He left home at the age of about seventeen and spent many years traveling, playing piano, hustling pool, and working in Vaudeville, all the while refining a distinctive and original jazz piano style that increasingly left ragtime conventions behind.

Featured tracks: Scat Song, Stars and Stripes Forever, Call of the Freaks, Benny Frenchy's Tune, and The Dirty Dozen.

Library of Congress Recordings, Rounder Records Corp., Copyright 1993, Compact Disc-23 tracks.


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