Cobalt Glass Colonial Sparking Lamp

Cobalt Glass Colonial Sparking Lamp

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Popular during the 1800s, oil lamps were used to set the duration of a gentleman caller’s visit. When the lamp went out so did he. Add a spark of Colonial romance to your home with a decorative oil lamp from our Reproduction Collection.

Modeled after a Colonial artifact on display at the Jamestown Visitor Center Museum, the Cobalt Sparking Lamp mimics the elegant shape and curvature of early American household glassware. The vibrant blue color blanketing the Colonial aesthetic represents the use of cobalt metals to produce colored glass.

Product Details

  • Visit Jamestown Glasshouse to learn about modern glass colors
  • Historic replica by Jamestown Glasshouse exclusively for eParks
  • Temperature sensitive glass should be washed with warm soapy water
  • Colonial oil lamp ships with one wick; approximately 7'' tall
  • Individually hand blown at Jamestown Glasshouse, VA 23081


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