CWS The Prison Camp at Andersonville



CWS The Prison Camp at Andersonville

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New Edition of CWS Andersonville.   On the cover is a drawing of Andersonville on August 1, 1864 by Thomas O'Dea, a former prisoner at Andersonville.  Also included are historical photos, illustrations, and details depicting the suffering endured by prisoners.

Part of the National Park Civil War Series. In the very beginning of the Civil War, prisoners of war were exchanged right on the battlefield, a private for a private, a sergeant for a sergeant and a captain for a captain. In 1862 this system broke down and caused the creation of large holding pens for prisoners in the North and South. These holding pens soon became permanent prisons. In the South, the prison camp at Andersonville soon came to symbolize a national tragedy as human misery reached its zenith. This book also includes photos and summaries of the other Civil War prison camps in the North and South.  

Product Details

  • Softcover; 40 pages
  • Published 2014 by Eastern National
  • ISBN 978-0-915992-84-3
    Proudly printed in the USA.


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