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CWS The Civil War's Black Soldiers<BR><B> Available only on <I>e</I>Parks!</B>

CWS The Civil War's Black Soldiers
Available only on eParks!

Part of the National Park Civil War Series. At the time of the Civil War, people of African descent suffered severely from racism and discrimination. There were approximately four million slaves in the South. There were a quarter million free blacks in the South and 200,000 in the North. One of the most controversial and important decisions by the Lincoln administration was allowing black men to serve in the Union army. By the end of the war, black soldiers had won the grudging respect of virtually all white troops and had played an important role in the Union's successful war effort.

Eastern National, softcover, ISBN 1-888213-03-5, 56 pages.
This publication is proudly printed in the USA.


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