AHS Concise History of the American Revolution

AHS Concise History of the American Revolution

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Part of the National Park American History Series.

Excerpt: ''As dawn broke, the American militiamen gathered on the Lexington Common. Farmers, merchants, mechanics all heeded the call to arms. They awaited a detachment of 700 British troops sent from Boston to seize the Americans' arsenal of arms. Captain John Parker and 77 Massachusetts militiamen stood on the Lexington Common.''

As British Major John Pitcairn led his men forward onto the Common, he ordered the militia to lay down their arms. As some Colonists began to disperse, a shot rang out. The British red-coated soldiers disobeyed orders and began firing at the militiamen.

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  • Softcover, 56 pages
  • Published by Eastern National
  • Printed in the USA


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