National Park Service E&AA Trust Fund

National Park Service E&AA Trust Fund

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The Centennial Anniversary of the National Park Service on August 25, 2016 is approaching. Anyone making a minimum contribution of $20.00 to the NPS E&AA Trust fund will receive their choice of a newly designed and crafted 1916 Society cap which serves as a unique reminder of this upcoming significant event.

All contributions to the NPS E&AA Trust Fund are used to support programs such as the George B. Hartzog Educational Loan program and the Disaster Relief program. Last year the NPS&E&AA Trust granted $109,000 interest free education assistance loans to members and also provided $46,000 of assistance to NPS and Association employees adversely impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

The NPS E&AA Trust Fund operates in accordance with the Fund’s Declaration of Trust and IRS guidelines regarding all contributions.

Please let us know if you would like a green or blue cap in the comment section of your shopping cart, otherwise a color will be chosen for you. Donor will receive one cap for each $20 donation.

Donations can be made in multiples of $10.


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