Abraham Lincoln Traveled This Way: The America Lincoln Knew

Abraham Lincoln Traveled This Way: The America Lincoln Knew

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Abraham Lincoln Traveled This Way explores the places and the land that were a part of Abraham Lincoln's life-from his early years in Kentucky and Indiana, through the 29 years he lived in Illinois, until he went east to Washington, DC to serve as President. Abraham Lincoln's story is told at over 70 Lincoln historic sites and dozens of other locations Lincoln traveled, included 18 National and State Historic Sites, 2 National Memorials, and a National Monument, with 18 Lincoln sites being designated as National Historic Landmarks. At least 16 historic sites are dedicated exclusively to Abraham Lincoln. These places of tribute tell the story of Lincoln's life.

Photography by Robert Shaw, narrative by Michael Burlingame, hardcover, 274 pages, ISBN: 978-1-89165-0-253.

This book is printed in bound in the USA.


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