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Civil War Activity Book

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Civil War Activity Book

More than 70 national park service sites help tell the story of the Civil War, from the opening shots at Fort Sumter to the surrender at Appomattox. To help kids understand this turbulent time in our nation’s history, Eastern National has published the Civil War Activity Book, featuring illustrations by noted cartoonist Bentley Boyd.

The activity book features games, puzzles, mazes, colorful illustrations, and historic facts. Working through the book, kids unscramble historic word puzzles, trace the route to freedom from a Florida plantation to the safety of the North, and color the uniforms of Union and Confederate soldiers. Along the way, readers will learn about the battles and battlefields, the heroic contributions of volunteers such as Clara Barton, and the many steps to reconstruction and knitting the North and South back together into a unified nation.

The answers to the activities are printed in back of the book. 48 pags, ISBN: 9-1599-2266-0-418. Printed in the USA.


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