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Trekking the National Parks Board Game

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Visiting all the national parks is a noble goal, but actually doing it is another matter. While there's no substitute for the full experience of physically going to the parks, now you can do the next best thing: travel through them on a game board! In this new entry to the world of board gaming, players ''trek'' through the national parks, earning points by collecting cards, playing certain card combinations and amassing stones. In the process, players learn about the parks while engaging in fun competition.

Created by a family of national-park trekkers, this award-winning board game manages to be entertaining as well as educational, making it a fun activity for both kids and adults. It makes a great gift, especially for any game lover who is also a national parks enthusiast.

Product Details

  • For 2–5 players of ages 10+
  • Takes 30–60 minutes to play

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