National Parks of the East Pins - Special Edition Collector Set

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You would think that everything to be discovered about our country has been found out by explorers and frontiersmen of yesteryear, that all the nooks and crannies of our land have been found and documented. Think again! The Great Smoky Mountains are some of the oldest mountains in the world, but there are possibly thousands of species there that have not yet been seen. Then there is Mammoth Cave, in which, even though it consists of some 400 miles of subterranean passage, people are still finding new passages. And the other parks in the East are wonderlands of nature in their own ways.

Sales of merchandise at eParks help the national parks, so you can do your part by purchasing this set of five pins. Each pin uniquely commemorates one of these wondrous eastern parks.

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  • Dimensions for each pin: 3/4'' W x 1 1/4'' H

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