Passport to Your National Parks Hiking Stick Medallion

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From the establishment of the first national park in 1872 to the present day, the parks have been a true American legacy, and not just the parks: The very idea of them is an original American concept, and together they are a unique American tradition that has been faithfully passed on to us through the years.

Since 1986 the Passport to Your National Parks program has been the constant heartbeat of another tradition, that of visiting the parks and preserving your memories of them—not only for yourself but also to pass on to others.

This hiking medallion tells the story of that tradition right on your staff. The color American flag beautifully reminds us that the national parks tradition is a genuine American heritage, while the circular logo—reminiscent of a Passport stamp—recalls the 30-year legacy of the Passport program. Carry the tradition with you on the trail!

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 1¼'' W x 1¾'' H
  • Includes three nails
  • Designed and finished in the USA


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Medallion, 5th Jan 2018

Reviewer: William Kreceman

Good quality and a great addition to my walking stick collection.

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