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Passport To Your National Parks® Stampable Sticker Sets (5)

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We've all been just had an incredible hike, walked on hallowed historic ground, saw the most amazing thing, had a life changing national park experience. Now you're ready for your official park cancellation, but wait...where's your Passport? Don't worry! We've got you covered.

Remember today, even when you forget your book, with five stampable sticker sets from Passport To Your National Parks! Each round sticker is a perfect fit for an official park cancellation and adheres neatly to your book. They're also great to have on hand if you want an extra stamp to send to a park loving friend!

Product Details

  • Smudge resistant paper
  • Three stickers per set
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Customer Reviews

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Ingenious idea, 8th Sep 2018

Reviewer: Maggie Findlay

I've been used to toting my passport around or having to use tiny slips of paper to stamp. Neither is preferable as the passport is huge, and the paper can easily get crumpled up. This keeps me from having to do either. The only complaint I have is that each set only has 3 stickers.

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Came in handy!, 17th Jul 2018

Reviewer: Audra Dobrovenschi

These are great to have. The week I got them in the mail, we headed to a NHP and wouldn’t you brain was in full force. I forgot our little girls junior ranger book. These saved the day. I also got one stamped for myself, then the next day ordered my own passport.

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Stampable Sticker Ste, 28th Apr 2018

Reviewer: Miguel Santibanez

Wonderful idea! No longer have to lug big book around.

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