Poster Map of Philadelphia - 1787

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In the early days of the United States, Philadelphia served as the nation's capital. From May to September 1787, state delegates met there for the Constitutional Convention to discuss the fledgling nation and its government. From this convention came the birth of the Constitution, making 1787 a truly landmark year in US history.

Illustrated in 3D style, this artfully drawn, colorful map shows you what the center of Philadelphia was like during the time of the Constitutional Convention. In what tavern did George Washington eat? Where did he attend church on a particular day that May? Where did Benjamin Franklin live? The legible, handwritten notes on this map answer those questions and offer insights into many other facts about the city that year. More than just a map, it's a window into historical details that are probably unknown to most of us, making this a great educational tool to hang up in a classroom or even at home.

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  • Dimensions: 28⅜'' W x 22⅜'' H
  • Three-dimensional illustration
  • Notes provide historical insights

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