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Pewter Jacks

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Jacks have been entertaining children for literally centuries. There's evidence that the game has existed for almost two thousand years.

This package comes with 10 jacks made of lead-free pewter, one wooden ball, and one rubber ball. The wooden ball allows you to play the game the classic 18th century way, and the rubber ball is for modern rules. A detailed explanation of the rules is included as well.

Jacks is a great way to get your children unplugged and engaged. For younger children, this game can even help develop hand/eye coordination! Grab this today and keep it for rain days, road trips, or anytime you need to pull the little ones away from the screen!

Product Details

  • Ages 8+
  • 1 rubber ball
  • 1 wooden ball
  • 10 lead-free pewter jacks,
  • Carrying pouch included to keep everything in one place

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