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With the Complete Set of Four Historic Documents, take a journey through American history and appreciate the triumphs of our nation.

Declaration of Independence – After winning the Revolutionary War, Colonial Americans wanted legal documentation to acknowledge themselves as citizens of an independent country with its own ideals separate from Britain. On July 4, 1776, America was born. Approximately 12’’ x 15’’
US Constitution – the oldest governing piece of legislation, the Constitution has reigned as the law of the land since June 21, 1788. Written by our nation’s founding fathers, this integral piece of legislation has guarantees rights of the government and the people it serves. Approximately 12’’ x 17.5’’
The Bill of Rights – still scarred from the Revolutionary War, this document forms the basis of the first ten Constitutional Amendments and grants citizens’ unalienable rights that no governing body can take away from a person. Approximately 13’’ x 16’’
Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address – delivered at a cemetery, it echoes with the cries of the Americans who fought valiantly in a civil war to uphold the ideals of our nation’s founding fathers. Approximately 10’’ x 14’’

To learn more about American History and celebrate triumphs accomplished throughout the generations, browse our Revolutionary War, Civil War, and Civil Rights Collections.

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  • Visit the Independence Mall to learn more about America’s governing body
  • Profits support the National Park Service

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