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Expand your Passport Explorer to Your National Parks® with the Explorer Edition Expander Pack! Featuring 20 extra national park cancellation pages, 10 national park cancellations and or regional stamps pages, and 6 National Stamps and commemorative cancellations page, you’ll almost have room to preserve your visit to 417 of America’s national treasures! The pages can be neatly organized into your Passport Explorer Edition’s binder ring in seconds allowing you to quickly get back to touring America’s national parks.

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  • 36 sheets approximately 8’’ x 5’’

Customer Reviews

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Passport Explorer Expander Pack Item#: 329184, 15th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Robin Nagot

I've gotten this item a few times for myself and family. I like how they are not region specific since I concentrate in 1 area and need more pages just for there. Just wish these were sold in the parks.

Passport Explorer Expander Pack Item # 329184, 4th Dec 2017

Reviewer: Mary Boller

I'm glad the pages weren't label with each region, this way I could use them where I needed them. Some regions have more stamps than others in my case (20 parks in Rocky Mountain tab and will do 24 next summer in N Atlantic & Mid-Atlantic Regions). We have 2 small books and Explorer Edition and all the packets of stamps 1986-2017)

Passport Explorer Expander Pack Item#: 329184, 1st Dec 2017

Reviewer: Carolyn Carney

would like to see more regional stamp pages - pack contains enough for 1 sheet for each region (would be nice if they were labeled by region), but only need 2 national pages for 9 regional pages

Passport Explorer Expander Pack Item #: 329184, 5th Nov 2017

Reviewer: Becky A Smith

I didn't like the fact that the pages wasn't label with each region like the pages that came with the passport binder. Needed more Official Cancellation and Stamp and National Stamp and Cancellation pages and less passport explorer edition pages. I ordered 2 packages and wasn't able to put away a third of my stamps.

Passport Explorer Expander Pack Item#: 329184, 30th Oct 2017

Reviewer: Ray Wharton

I would love to see these carried at more National Park offices. These are a must have item for the passport binders.

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