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Minute Man National Historical Park Custom Ornament

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''Disperse, ye rebels, throw down your arms, and disperse!'' The British officer's command to the rebelling colonists on April 19, 1775, was met with disobedience. The crack of musket fire followed—the shooter still unknown to this day—and so the first conflict of the American Revolution began. Today, the events on that fateful day are preserved and interpreted at Minute Man National Historical Park in Massachusetts.

Custom-crafted from original artwork, handcrafted in solid brass, and finished in pure 24K gold, this ornament is no ordinary decor. Its gleaming surface bears an illustration of the park's Minute Man statue, making it a beautiful symbol of the United States' love of freedom—both then and now.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 2⅛'' W x 2¾'' H
  • Custom-crafted and finished in pure 24K gold
  • Handcrafted in solid brass
  • Etched from original artwork by Gregory J. Harber
  • Collectible item: one of 10,000
  • Includes attractive blue ribbon
  • Made in the USA

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