Passport® To Your National Parks Stamp Series Collector's Book (1986-2016)

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Since 1986, an annual set of 10 commemorative stamps honoring our national parks has been issued as part of the Passport® To Your National Parks program. The Passport® stamps are printed on one sheet and are meant to be detached and placed individually into the Passport® book. Now you can collect and preserve the commemorative stamp sheets intact with this special booklet. There are pages to collect every stamp set printed from 1986 to 2016. Each booklet comes packaged with a randomly selected stamp set (retail value $3.95).

This publication is printed in the USA.

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Why even bother making this "book"., 12th Feb 2018

Reviewer: Charon Guillory

Basically it's a heavier cardstock paper book with the outline of the "sticker" placement and the same header on the top right of the stamps themselves "xxxx Stamp Series". I was looking for a way to collect my stamps in a nicer way, unfortunately this was far from my expectation. I was thinking more of plastic sheets to hold the stamps in since the description is not very clear to me. I was also told via email that they will not be making a 2017 book going forward, highly disappointed in this purchase. I just wanted to leave a review so other people have an idea what they're purchasing.

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